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About project is a website, which is hosting independent music on the internet.

Copyright is only for non-commercial music from independent authors!

The copyright of non-commercial compositions belongs to their authors. Authors takes responsibility for authencity of their work (can the compositions be called non-commercial). Information about songs is kept in database.

It is strictly forbidden to use and spread compositions from on other websites and means of communication. is not responsible for correctness of the given information and consequences that can be caused by using information provided on website.

If you found composition that violates the copyright law of Lithuanian Republic, please contact the administration by e-mail:


User registration

All users can register to the website. Registered users have rights to:

  • upload their own music;
  • build their personal playlists;
  • comment songs.

Registration steps:

  • The registration form is filled out;
  • a confirmation key is sent to e-mail address that has been indicated in the form (confirmation key is valid one hour after filling out the form);
  • when registration is confirmed, account is automaticaly activated.

Song uploading

Only non-commercial music can be uploaded to website. Only registered users can upload songs.

Uploading steps:

  • The uploading form is filled out (songs>upload songs);
  • song information is provided.

The song will not be published until song information is provided! It can be done while uploading the song or by editing information of song that is already uploaded.

Song removing

On user’s demand songs are automaticaly removed.


Only registered users that have three or more songs uploaded can vote.

Automatic song selection

There is automatic song selection system on the website, which analyses the songs. Administrator has right to block or remove suspicious songs from website without any warnings. Suspicious songs are songs, which got less than three votes in the first 24 hours and their average rating is 3.

Song protection

Administration of the website keeps the right to protect a song from automatic song selection system. Protected songs are not analysed by automatic song selection system. on your site

Any registered user can put mini player on their personal website and give its visitors unique possibility of listening songs.

It is very easy to integrate mini player on your site. User code is located: playlist>playlist settings: code. Automaticaly generated code is put in the code of user’s personal site. mini player has automatic/manual play setting, which can be configured here: playlist>playlist settings: play type. Automatic play automaticaly will play songs when the user’s site is loaded. Remember: when play type is changed, it is necessary to update the code in your own site.


Every user has a right to register an e-mail box. (i.e. It differs from other e-mail services because it is based on gmail system. It means that e-mail users get ability to use other gmail services (google talk, web pages, calendar, Docs and Spreadsheets). Also, every user gets 2GB of space on the server.

Register for e-mail!

RSS is providing RSS service. Thanks to RSS, users can keep their eye on float of new comments!

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is data format based on XML. RSS gives user possibility to track information changes on the website without even visiting it. If you want to reach the contents of website via RSS, you must install a special program. There are many choices of RRS reading programs, we recommend:

Internet programs for RSS reading:




Windows programs:




After installing a program register RSS channel, whose address is:


Translated by Edvinas Valikonis

© 2002-2017 - all copyrights belongs to respective authors of the songs!